Baby Finger type Toothbrush


• Gentle for brushing babie’s teeth and stimulating their gums.
• Made of high-quality silicone which is firm and durable
• Transparent one-peice design is safe and easy for cleaning • Very easy to use. Boiable and dishwater-safe.


Three Stages Toothbrush Blue/Red

BF-118 A

• Three-stage toothbrushes are designed to take care of 2 to all milk teeth in your baby’s mouth
• 3 in 1 set including first stage toothbrush, Second stage toothbrush BF-118-3, and Baby toothbrush BF-118-4
• The first stage toothbrush is especially for babies about 4-9 month old.
Safe and elastic material feels soft on baby\’s gums. With safety shield which will not affect baby’s throat


Training Toothbrush Stage 2 Blue/ Red

BF-118   3

• For babies from 8-14 month old
• Helps the baby to begin getting used to brushing its teeth
• Safe and elastic material feels soft on baby’s gums, and at the same time massages the gums
• Special saw-toothed brush head exactly attains the result of thoroughly cleaning


Toothbrush Stage 3 Blue/ Red

BF-118  4

• For babies more than 12 month old
• The bristles are soft to protect the baby’s gums
• Special shaped grip is easy to handle and makes more fun for the baby