Kimball’s success story began in the 70’s with the launch of its trademark Kimball Tomato Ketchup, followed by the Kimball Chilli Sauce. The flavours quickly became a staple among Malaysians, and today, Kimball enjoys the distinction of being one of Malaysia’s most trusted brands for sauces. Crafted with high quality ingredients under strict production guidelines. Kimball sauces display international quality standards and taste consistency in an enduring legacy spanning decades. Kimball range now consists of many other products including dry pasta, pasta sauces, mayonnaise, beans and peas.

Kimball Chilli Garlic Sauce 325 gms

Kimball Chilli Sauce 340 gms

Kimball Tomato Ketchup 325 gms

Kimball Thai Chilli Sauce 300 gms

Kimbal Oyster Flavoured Sauce 510 gms