Quito Mos is a brand registered & owned by Rama Vision Limited. Quito Mos Patches in its innovative form creates a pleasant aroma. This fragrance is emitted by 100% Natural Citronella, Eucalyptus & Lemon Oil. The product is DEET Free and is absolutely safe for everyone, including children. Quito Mos patches is recommended to be used for any outdoor & indoor activities

Directions for use:
1. Tear off the protection film & fix the adhesive side of the patch on a location close to your body, such as Socks, T-shirts, Trouser, Stroller or on your Table or Bed side.
2. Each patch is effective in repelling mosquitoes for up to 12 hrs.

1. Keep out of children reach. Do not apply directly on skin.
2. Wash your hands after every use.
3. Do not re-use the box or foil pouch.
4. The foil pouch should not be kept open when not in use.
5. In case of any irritation, stop use and consult a doctor immediately.
6. In case of direct contact with eyes or mouth, rinse well with water immediately & consult your Doctor.
7. If swallowed or feeling sick then consult your Doctor immediately.

Store in a dry place at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Active Ingredients:
Citronella Oil, Lemon Oil & Eucalyptus Oil.


Quito Mos is a brand registered & owned by Rama Vision Limited.

☛ Deet Free

☛100% Natural
☛ Non – Toxic & Suitable for family use
☛ No Side Effects
☛ Indoor & Outdoor Use
☛ Safe for Kids

Mosquito Repellant 50 Patches pack

Mosquito Repellant 6 character Patches pack

Mosquito Repellant 20 Patches pack

Mosquito Repellant 10 Patches pack