Clothes Wash (available in 200ml / 500ml / 1000ml)

• Natural, Non-Phosphorus & Non-Fluorescence.
• Mild & Non-stimulation
• Suitable for all family use.
• Anti-bacteria and superior cleaning effects.
• Efficiently removes greasy dirt and stain
• Does not hurt the fabric or fade the color.
• Gentle softer and a delicate fragrance smell after washing.
** Also available Eco-friendly Clothes wash

Feeding Bottle Wash (available in 700ml / 500ml / Refill 700ml)

• Formulated with plants extract which is natural and mild.
• Anti-bacteria, thoroughly cleans without milk remnants.
• Non-artificial perfume and pigment, environment protection, non-phosphorus,non toxic.
• Also for cleaning vegetables, fruits, toys etc.
** Also available Eco-friendly Feeding Bottle wash

Bottle Safety Protection Bag (240ml)

• The bottle cover is soft and stretchable.
• Visible scale is more convenient to use.
• It helps to protect the bottle from any major damage even if it falls down. Specially the glass feeding bottles.
• It is made using high quality cotton, nylon and spandex.

Maternity Belt

• Maternity Belt helps you by ensuring that your abdomen is supported properly and the blood circulated properly.
• It is manufactured using the high quality raw material.
• The pregnancy belt protects the foetus thereby preventing any chances of miscarriage.
• The USP of our products is that it reduces wobble and aids in keeping the balance of the body.
• Adjust it to accommodate the abdominal growth during pregnancy.

Girdle (available in S/M/L)

• Its very simple, safe and easy to use.
• Girdle after pregnancy is helpful in improving your figure and strengthening the muscles of the abdomen.
• It is comfortable and light weight.
• The waist girdle is made from high quality natural rubber and 100% dacron.
• Opt to wear it under or over clothes.

Free Drop Powder Puff

• The revolutionary design of the built-in powder case provides continuous puffing with more convenience.
• The puff contains a special chamber for filling baby powder that can be accessed by unscrewing its handle
• Woven fabric filter controls dispense of powder needed
• Feather-like touch to your baby’s tender skin.

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